Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Reclaim the Bike - Women's Evening Ride Friday 18th June

Calling all ladies!!

Get on your bikes and join us for an evening ride around Birmingham. Meeting at 7pm outside the Central Library, (Disclaimer: Chamberlain Square NOT Centenary Square as publicised previously by my awful geography) on Friday 18th June. Reclaim the night and feel empowered by the freedom of cycling as well as meeting lots of other lovely women cyclists. You don’t have to be the best cyclist, you don’t have to have the best bike. In fact if you have any issues with your bike, we will take a look beforehand. It is not about cycling the route the fastest way and you can leave at any point. What is important however, is that you get back on your bike and join us!!

Free rosettes and badges to all. 


PS. Men are welcome to join in too but we're aiming to encourage more women cyclists to get back on their bikes so tell your wife/girlfriend/sister/lady friend to come along too!


  1. Hi ladies!

    My husband Dan (bike polo player that works at OYB) told me about this site, as I've recently become the owner of a beautiful Pashley. I'm slowly learning to love cycling and would like to do more than the daily commute. Would love to join you all for a ride - how often to you go out?

  2. Hi Anne-Marie,
    This is the first big ride we've planned - we also thought we'd do a maintenance day in the park after June as we'll be trained up with new skills to share. If you email femmepedale@gmail.com we'll keep you updated. Looking forward to seeing that pashley!

  3. Hi Nancy

    When is the ride?



  4. Sorry Amy, my fault. Totally missed off the date as it was originally in the title! It will be Friday 18th June. Hope you can make it!

    Hi Anne-Marie, just been to OYB and Dan told me you'd like to get more cycling time in. I think you live local to us so if you'd like to just do some shorter rides I'd be up for that. I'm wheezing like a dinosaur at the minute and could do with the exercise! Just send us an email.