Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Leamington Peace Festival Ride

Hello all!

There will be an informal bike ride to Leamington Peace festival on Sunday 20th June with some Birmingham Bike Foundry members, friends and enthusiasts. We are leaving at 10am from outside the Fighting Cocks public house in Moseley. It should be a lovely ride for those who want to do a middle distance. It will take approx 2.5 hours not including the obligatory rests for snacks and chats. But don't forget to come to Reclaim the Bike on Friday beforehand! x


  1. This could be great! How stupid is it for a newb...? I've never done long distance but I hear with cycling you can do at least twice your usual ride no sweat - plus that it's easier in a group!

    I have skinny 700c slicks at least so I'm not trying to bring a behemoth :)

    Might not make it *home* again but I have a spare train ticket I could use to rescue me!

  2. I think we'll take it easy Sarra, if you cycle quite regularly you'll be okay especially as your bike sounds quite light with those on? Last year lots of people hadn't ridden much before! I haven't done much long distance and I'm terribly wheezy so I'm sure you'll be no worse than me! I'm getting the train home to make it in time for work so there's always that option...x

  3. Hey Sarra,

    I think most people will be taking the train home - I haven't done the ride before but I don't think it's too tough, I usually just cycle to town and back from Selly Park but I'm going to risk thigh ache and give it a go!