Saturday, 21 August 2010

Reclaim the bad weather bike ride

The past few days have brought pretty unpleasant cycling. I took my mudguards off on Tuesday as they are a bit broken and have been rubbing on my wheels - I thought I'd cope with few days mud-guard free riding, to give me a chance to get hold of some new fixtures and fittings. WRONG. I spent the whole of a 2 hour meeting on Thursday night with a wet through, muddy bum. I'm just glad those chairs were wipe clean.

With the inevitable approach of another cold, wet autumn how can we keep our cycling momentum going and avoid leaving the bike in the shed until spring? This is my list:
1. Get some mudguards.
2. Get some waterproof trousers.
3. Get a bunch of girls to ride through the rain with you!

As such, please stand notified that the second reclaim the bike ride will take place on 10th September and we really hope it pisses it down!


  1. Waterproof trousers SUCK! They make it harder for the heat to escape from your legs and for sweat vapour to escape. So you end up with doubly sweatier legs than usual, partly because of the extra heat causing extra sweat, and partly because the extra sweat can't escape. Yer better off getting full mudguards to stop the water spraying off the wheels onto your legs, and under yer skirt wear some breathable lycra tights to keep your legs warm without trapping too much sweat.

  2. I heartily recommend a track poncho. It keeps me dry, and attracts much entertaining heckling from local yoof. See you on the tenth!