Sunday, 9 January 2011

Best Birmingham rides? Any suggestions!

I have come to a realisation, an average week's cycling for me (daily trips to work and the city centre) probably isn't doing all that much for me in exercise terms. I'm not saying it's pointless, I'm definitely fitter than I would be if I didn't cycle at all. The thing is, the routes I take are generally pretty flat, and seldom more than 5 miles each way; I'm rarely getting out of breath!

New vow, unless we are once again hit by crazy snow, I will do one proper ride a week. Right now I'm not talking 70mile plus day long adventures, just a few hours good riding. Question is, where? Femme Pédale readers/riders, please help!

I've tried out the city's Sustrans routes, good for getting from A to B, but I'm really looking to get out into the countryside a bit more. Today I have cycled from Stirchley to the Bittell Reservoirs (see seasonally inaccurate pic), Lickey, and then back via Cofton and Longbridge. I'd thoroughly recommend this ride, very scenic and some not insignificant hills to get your heart going - if you're me anyway. However, riding somewhere new every week really appeals.

So, where do you like to cycle? Please leave any suggestions in comment form, and hopefully I'll soon be posting some pictures and accounts of rides in the lovely countryside surrounding our city.


  1. I'm tempted to do a sort of Halesowen* to Belbroughton-ish sort of ride - read a description of route once but god knows where. Also when I say 'tempted' I mean 'not on your nelly' - it'd be something I'd try if I were into long rides, which I'm not!

    There's 'Bell End' nearby if that'd amuse you (it does me)

    *Or maybe from Bartley Res? Don't know what Illey Lane is like, doesn't look too bad on Street View and definitely less crap than fighting cars on the main roads down to H (A456, B4043, A456).

    Looking at Google's terrain view - Walton Hill! There's no roads up Clent except maybe St Kenelm's Pass, seems here.

  2. Ullenhall, Tanworth in Arden, Earlswood Lakes, Henley in Arden kinda way is nice. If you want some company I need to get some miles in!

  3. I've actually walked from Halesowen to Belbroughton - I imagine that would be pretty nice by bike. Quicker too!

    Company would be great for some weekend rides, perhaps we could do a FP out in the countryside longish one?

    BTW, I have completely failed to do what I said I would and have a decent ride every weekend. Goodish excuses though (ill, enforced DIY, finger-blender accident making braking difficult...).