Saturday, 26 February 2011

Bicycology come to Birmingham

Last weekend Birmingham played host to Bicycology, a collective of cyclists formed via a ride to the 2005 Gleneagles G8. The group has continued to meet and put on various rides and events; their activities range from film screenings to building bike powered generators, and from bike jewellery to accessible long distance rides

Their weekend gathering, before Bicycology went into important planning mode, kicked off with a public film screening at The Edge – Friction Arts in Digbeth. There were plenty of Birmingham cyclists in attendance; it was great to see a big range of people and bikes come together for an evening dedicated to being on two wheels.

The topics of the films put on (chosen using an innovatively democratic selection process) included street trials, amazing bike tricks, the building of tall bikes and other odd creations, asylum seeker-bike workshop projects, the best cities for cycling, and many more. Good stuff!

So, big thanks to Bicycology for the evening, and for adding to the amount of cycling stuff taking place in our fair city. Looking forward to finding out what you're going to do next!

For anybody who wasn't at the film screening, please check out the collectives' website.

As well as some interesting info about how Bicycology came to be and what they do, there are some excellent guide pages you can download. You've got your mechanics guides, bike arts and crafts, alternative energy, anarchy...what more could you want?

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  1. I just found this - thanks for mentioning us! We really enjoyed our time here! There's a write up on the bicycology blog of Bicycologists Imogen & Aurora' s mini-2-day internship/bike mechanic holiday/volunteering fun at Birmingham Bike Foundry here: