Monday, 16 May 2011

The fling was flung, here are the pictures!

Big thanks to everyone who came on the Spring Fling ride, and nice one to Fin for the pictures.We had a really great day and we hope all you did too. Dare I say it, best FP ride yet?

As always, send us any ideas for rides, and watch this space for the next event...


  1. For these pictures but bigger, and a couple more, have a look at the Bike Foundry flickr.

  2. Oh great pictures. Chris did a great job with those & a realy nice afternoon.

    is it ok to download a few of the pictures?

    Thanks again Femme Pedale team for organising that.


  3. Hi Donna! Feel free to download any pictures, you can get them from the flickr account Lauren posted above in larger sizes I think. It was Fin who took them all in the end.

    Good luck on your birthday ride!

  4. why does your flapjack recipe keep appearing in my RSS reader but doesn't seem to exist on the blog?

  5. Something has gotten messed up with the blog. Whenever I try and post it screws up the text, e.g. when I publish something half of it isn't on the screen - so I keep trying to publish the flapjack recipe and then deleting it because I can't make it readable! Need to sort this out. Sigh.